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Whilst we make every effort to ensure the information shown is accurate, we accept no liability for any errors that may appear.  E&O terms apply.

  1. House of Lions Ltd., (“HOL”) authorises the use of the address: Ideas House, Station Estate, Eastwood Close, London E18 1BY (“Ideas House”) as the Customer’s virtual office address whilst you the Customer are utilising and paying for the service being undertaken.
  2. The use Ideas House is permitted on the Customer’s correspondence, website and marketing material whilst the Customer is paying for the services provided.
  3. Use of Ideas House as the Customers’ registered office is permitted.  However, on termination of the contract, the Customer must notify Companies House of the change of registered office within 14 days of termination.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify Companies House of the change of registered office, and the Customer must provide official confirmation to HOL as proof.
  4. Payments for services shall be made a calendar month in advance.  Where post forwarding or call forwarding services are used, we will require payment of a deposit in advance.
  5. Cooling off period (cancellation from initial order) Seven working days from the initial order.
  6. A VAT invoice will be issued to the Customer on a monthly basis.
  7. Non-payment will be notified to the Customer by phone/email.  If adequate remedies are not received or the Customer is uncontactable, then post and parcels will be returned to sender after 10 working days of non-payment and the call forwarding service will be terminated.
  8. Additional contacts for the same Customer will be charged at £2.00 extra per calendar month.
  1. Additional services.  If the Customer undertakes a service not covered by the current plan, payment will be expected in advance for new services prior to commencement.
  2. Data.  The Customers details are only retained for use regarding your account.  We will never share details with a third party, unless illegal activity has occurred, and we are required to share these details with the necessary authorities.  Our legal obligation is to retain the Customer’s details for a period of six years.  Thereafter, the information will be destroyed securely.
  1. Medium  Parcels can be accepted if notified 24 hours in advance (weekdays only) maximum sizes 61 x 46 x 46 weight 5 kilos and stored free for a maximum of two days( ( weekends free but not collectable ) at a charge of £2.50 thereafter if mail forwarding is required the Customer will incur an additional charge of £2.50 per parcel above Royal Mail standard mailing costs.  Payment for freight forwarding needs to be made in advance of shipment.  Damaged mail cartons will not be accepted and returned to sender. We only mail to the UK. Maximum six parcels per mailbox per calendar month. Clients can arrange their own collection but still would incur a £2.50 per parcel admin charge. Prices are based on UK clients International clients prices on request
  1. The Maximum size for standard mail services is a large letter size
    25cm x35.3 cm x 2.5 cm
    Small parcels size 45 (L) x35 (W)x16cm max weight 2 kilo
  1. Lost letters and parcels.  All mail is received and processed completely at the Customer’s own risk.  HOL take no financial or other responsibility for any loss or damage and other no warranties or guarantees in this regard.
  1. Contract Termination Period.  HOL require one calendar months’ notice for terminations.  Non-payment after the 14th of the contracted month will result in received mail to be returned and additional services being terminated.
  1. Acceptable Clients.  HOL will not accept any customer or company that is illegal, immoral, or offering services that are obscene or indecent.  Acceptance is at the sole discretion of HOL.
  1. Mail forwarding is currently the UK only.  HOL’s virtual offices are currently only offered mail forwarding to UK based companies and customers.  Overseas clients will be considered upon request.
  1. Mail forwarding services are for the UK only . International on request
  2. Call forwarding with London 020 number available for the UK and European clients
  3. Mail forwarding International details on request when the destination is known
  4. Proof of identity.  On undertaking our services, we will require two proofs of identification.  This can include a photo driving license or passport (with at least six months before they expire) and a utility bill or bank statement clearly showing your name and residential address. (no more than three months old