Call Forwarding

Add a professional feel to your business with an 020 London number. Display the number on your website, business cards and advertisement, rather than your mobile number. Calls will be sent straight to your mobile.

Call Forwarding Package

With our virtual phone number service call redirection has never been so easy.

At Virtual Office 4 U, we will help you generate an established business image with our virtual landline service. Call forwarding gives you a prime London 020 number that is managed and then forwarded to you. No matter where you are, local or travelling internationally, you can simply manage your 020 number on the go.

Call Forwarding Lite


per month + VAT

  • Your own designated 020 Number

  • Calls to your own designated 020 number will be directed to your mobile phone.

  • Received call charges apply.
  • You are only able to receive calls to your designated 020 number and not phone out using the 020 number
  • Only really suitable for people with minimum incoming business calls
  • PAYG Call Charges
  • Landlines ( UK not international or premium ) £0.029 per minute
  • Mobiles ( not international or premium ) £0.05 per minute
  • Float required £15.00 ( if float exceeds deposit you will be notified to increase)
  • One-off set up charge £12.50
  • All prices are exclusive of Vat

Standard Call Forwarding Inbound & Outbound


per month + VAT

  • Your own designated 020 Number
  • Inbound calls to the app to your 020 number are free
  • Outbound calls using your designated 020 number via mobile phone app charges apply
  • Out Bound Rates via the app
  • Landlines ( UK not international or premium ) £0.029 per minute
  • Mobiles ( not international or premium ) £0.05 per minute
  • Minimum contract three months
  • Float required £15.00 ( if float exceeds deposit you will be notified to increase )
  • One-off set up charge £12.50



per month + VAT

  • Free inbound and outbound calls via App
  • Your Own designated 020 number
  • Premium Monthly charge £20.00
  • Free calls inward and outbound across UK using your designated 020 number via app*
  • You can call the UK from anywhere in the world and it’ll be included. ( Via App ) What you can’t do is, for example, call France when they’re physically in Germany, as this would be charged as an international call from the UK ( where the system is hosted ) to France.
  • Minimum contract three months
  • One off set up £12.50

*Fair Use Policy Unlimited Calls

Where the tariff includes ” unlimited “calls, only calls made in standard UK mobile and landline numbers are included in the “unlimited allowance”. Calls to premium-rate numbers are excluded from the allowance. The “unlimited ” call allowance is subject to fair use policy of 3000 minutes per monthly bill cycle per user.

Why have a virtual landline based in London?

Virtual phone numbers can make life so much easier, especially when you are a start-up, small business or even a freelancer. Call forwarding lets you divert your calls to your chosen mobile or landline, Call forwarding can also divert calls while your phone line is in use. Our virtual phone system is here to make your life simpler whilst helping your business grow with its new prestigious London virtual phone number.

We spend a significant time of the day on the move and often miss important phone calls. Our virtual landline service guarantees you will never miss an important phone call again. No matter where you are our virtual phone number enables you to have all your business or personal phone calls forwarded to you at any time. 

This means that your business can take full advantage of each opportunity that comes its way. On the other hand, if you are unable to take the calls yourself, you can forward them on to the number of a work colleague who is free to do business.

Frequently Asked Call Forwarding Questions

Below we have a list of common questions & information related to the call forwarding services.

How it works.

Our call forwarding service works by receiving incoming calls then forwarding the calls to a desired number. As your customers dial your 020 number, their calls are automatically forwarded to your existing landline or mobile.

No matter your destination number or location, your customers will believe they are dialling a landline in London.

How often am I able to change the number I want to forward calls to?

There are no limitations to how many times you can change the number you forward calls to.

If you wish to redirect to a second phone for a short period of time such as at weekends or in the evenings, your 020 virtual phone number will stay the same.

Important calls will never be missed.

Call redirection is a fantastic way to remain connected to your clients even while you are not at your office desk. All calls are redirected straight to the number of your choice.

Increases staff availability.

Call forwarding saves you and your clients the bother of having to deal with repeated voicemails where two parties keep missing each other’s calls. Fortunately, our call forwarding service will divert all incoming calls to the number of your employee be it mobile or landline. This allows your employees to maintain availability even when they are not physically at the office.

Make Your Company Look Professional.

Customers spend a lot of time trying to get through to companies via phones and often fail, with call forwarding you can rest assured you will never miss a call again and therefore will not be losing business. Your customers will feel grateful knowing you are there and ready to help.

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Call Forwarding

Minimum 3 months then monthly

Call Lite: 3 x £6.50, One Off Setup £12.50, Call Float £15.00

Call Standard: 3 x £12.50, One Off Setup £12.50, Call Float £15.00

Enterprise: 3 x £20, One Off Setup £12.50

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