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More professional than a residential address, ideal for use on Letter Headings and Business Cards, web sites, plus Amazon and eBay.  Can also be used as your registered office. Post stored in a lockable mailbox. Low Monthly charge.

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Mail Box Package

Standard Mail Box – Received and retained letters



+VAT per month

Safe Mail Storage

When we receive your post, we email you and keep it secure until you can collect it.

Flexible Mail Collection

Mail boxes are accessible from Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Short Term Contracts

Our short term contract gives you the flexibility to cancel your mail box.

Mail Box set-up is simple...

Why not make your life a little more efficient and rent a mailbox service in London?

Perhaps you are looking to travel and need a secure address to store your mail, or are looking to set up a professional mailbox for your business. We have the perfect mailbox package to suit your needs.

Our virtual mailbox service provides several packages for all your mailbox rental needs. Whether it is for professional or personal use.

Frequently Asked Mail Box Questions

Below we have a list of common questions related to the mail box services.

What's in the Mail Box package?

  • Received and retained letters, max size 35.2cm (L) x 25cm (w) x2.5cm (d).
  • Small parcels size 45 x 35 x 16cm max weight 2 kilo.
  • Stored in a lockable mail box, ready for you to collection.

Mail box is based on one staff member named additional contacts an extra £2.00 per month.

Larger parcels (max weight 5 Kilo) can be stored on your behalf for 48 hours free (stored free over the weekends but not collectable). If not collected within 48 hours an additional charge of £2.50 per parcel per day, will apply. Limited to a maximum of 6 parcels per mail box per Month

Medium packages per client (mail box) maximum weight 5 kilos per parcel

What do I need to Sign-up?

Two proofs of identitifcation required on sign up:

  1. Either Passport or driving license,
  2. Utility or phone bill, not over three months old.

When can I access the Mail Box?

Mail box can be accessible between 10AM – 6PM Monday to Friday.

Closed weekends

Why rent a mailbox in London?

Renting a mailbox in London is a great way to have a professional cost-effective business address in London and at the same time keeping where you work or live private. Our virtual mailboxes will not only give your business the image of a prestigious London street address, we offer two options either collection or mail forwarding.

Will I need to provide ID when I come to collect my mail?

Yes, two forms of ID will be needed to verify you as the owner of the virtual mailbox. We have strict security measures to ensure GDPR regulations are covered guaranteeing your mail and private information always remains protected and secure.

Benefits of renting a mailbox in London.

Virtual mailboxes are fantastic for personal and professional use for many reasons.

Firstly, having a virtual mailbox address in London provides you with a trustworthy and professional image creating a great first impression with your customers.

Secondly, your packages are accepted and can be if requested signed on your behalf. So, you can rest assured knowing there is a private and safe place for your parcels to be delivered to, without the worry of missing your delivery or them going missing.

Thirdly, you can use your mailbox in London address on websites, stationery and more.

Where your mail is stored and how you collect it.

Your packages will be stored in a locked mailbox in a secure location for you to collect at your convenience, or you can upgrade to our mail forwarding service and have your letters/parcels forwarded to any address of your choice whilst keeping all of your mailbox benefits.

Will I be given junk mail?

With your guidance we will make sure to remove any junk mail you wish to not receive. You will need to inform us of any subscriptions to trade magazines etc… so we know to add them to your mailbox for collection.

Sign-up for the Mail Box below:

Proof Of Identity

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a clear copy of your driving license and passport so that your identity can be verified.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a clear copy of a utility or phone bill that are less than three months old.

Mail Box

Minimum 3 months then monthly
Mail Box - 3 x £25.00

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